stunning segovia.

Segovia, situated to the northwest of Madrid, is a wonderful option for a day trip. The high speed train runs 2-3 times per hour and takes less than half an hour, with prices ranging from 10 euro to 20 euro each way.

Probably the most recognizable feature of this historic town is the massive aqueduct that traverses the main square. And while it is an absolutely stunning example of Roman architecture and history, it’s just one of the many things that make Segovia worth a day trip.

Like Toledo, Segovia is the type of place where you don’t really need specific plans. Take one of the public buses from the train station (or a taxi, if you’d prefer, though the bus is VERY easy, costs  around 1 euro, and only takes about 5 minutes longer than a taxi), and get out at the Aqueduct. It’s the perfect sight to start and end your visit to Segovia. From there, wander into the streets of the old town – I used the Cathedral as my general direction, but I let myself wander down side streets that looked worth visiting. I probably spent about an hour to ninety minutes wandering before I made it to the Cathedral (if you walk directly there, it’ll take you a fraction of the time, but trust me the side streets are worth seeing!). From there, I kept wandering towards the Alcazar, found a spot for some tapas, and then made my way back to the Aqueduct before heading back to Madrid. All in all I would say you need 5-6 hours in Segovia – if you have more, that’s even better, but you could see everything in 5-6 if you needed to.

Here are some of the major sights worth checking out while you’re there:

  • Catedral de Segovia: there is a great tour offered by the cathedral, where you learn all about the history and how they rebuilt after the fire that destroyed most of the original building in the early 1600s. Part of the tour takes you up to the bell tower where you get beautiful panoramic views of the city. Note that the tour takes some time, so plan to be there around 2-2.5 hours, and the cost is 17 euro per adult. I scheduled the tour upon arrival, so you don’t need to worry about booking in advance. Note that only offer a few tours a day, usually one around 11:30 and one at 16:45, so plan your train schedules accordingly. For more information, check out their site here
  • Alcázar de Segovia: this is a beautiful medieval castle on the far edge of the town. I opted not to spend time inside but instead explore the grounds. If you are interesting in visiting inside, this link has more information regarding opening hours and entrance fees. If you just want to spend time wandering around the grounds and taking in the beauty from outside, you probably only need to allocate about a half hour here


  • Acueducto de Segovia: you absolutely cannot miss the Aqueduct on a trip to Segovia. Both because it’s where all transit drops off and picks up, but also because it would be a shame, dare I say a crime?!, to miss this beautiful masterpiece. And it’s FREE! I’d recommend walking the entire aqueduct so you see it from both sides, and you can also climb up the hill and get some incredible views of it from above!
  • There’s also the Royal Palace, though I didn’t make it there during my visit
  • Otherwise, I seriously recommend just letting yourself get lost in the streets and squares, taking in all the charming sights!

Have you been to Segovia? What are your favorite places to see?

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