argentina is always a good idea.

You could spend months, heck…years!, exploring Argentina, but most of us don’t have that kind of vacation time (I wish!). I can’t wait to get back and see more of this beautiful place (Cordoba, Salta, Calafate, and Ushuaia, to name a few places), but I have to say, I’m impressed with how much we managed to pack into a little over a week in Argentina. Here’s a quick snapshot of how we broke up our trip, including links to recommendations on activities, hotels, and restaurants in each city.

We wanted to spend some time in Argentina’s infamous wine country, so we opted to start our trip here. In 3 days, we were able to tour wineries, explore the town of Mendoza, and do an excursion through the Andes. For more specific info on how to spend three days in Mendoza, read this post.

Buenos Aires:
This was a place we knew we could spend some serious time, and I would happily go back to the capital city on every visit to Argentina. It makes it easy to set up a home base here since most internal flights require you to fly through BA anyway. We packed all the major sites into our time in Buenos Aires – check this post for more info!

San Carlos de Bariloche:
Since we didn’t have enough time to travel south into the heart of Patagonia, we opted to spend our final days in Bariloche, which is at the northern edge of Patagonia. Here, we rode horses, visited waterfalls, and spent some time navigating the famous Nahuel Huapi. Check this post out to see why you should add Bariloche to your bucket list!

Note: the $160 reciprocity fee that US citizens must pay to visit Argentina has been lifted for the time being. Make sure to check back when planning your trip to Argentina to confirm that’s still the case!

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