3 days in sevilla

Three days is a pretty realistic amount of time to take in all that Sevilla has to offer.  If you have a fourth day, I’d recommend spacing some of these activities out a little more and really allowing yourself to get lost in the streets of Barrio Santa Cruz (old town) or Triana. Both are absolutely stunning, and the best way to enjoy a city like Sevilla is to bar hop (for tapas, of course!) between the sights, so having a bit of extra time will be great.

After checking in, head over to the beautiful Plaza de España. Plan to spend about an hour walking along the provincial alcoves, enjoying a boat ride through the moat, and taking in the sight that is this beautiful monument.

Afterwards, take a leisurely stroll through Parque de Maria Luisa across from the Plaza. Let yourself explore all the different areas that the park has to offer before ending up at the far end in Plaza de America.

Plaza de America is home to two beautiful buildings: the Museo Arquelogico and the Pabellón Mudéjar (Museo de Artes y Costumbres). The latter is famous for its art deco architecture and absolutely worth seeing. I’ve actually never been in either building (the architecture is what I love most about them), but if you have time to go in, let me know what you think!

And great news – assuming you don’t go inside either building in Plaza de America, this day will essentially be FREE since there’s no admission for Plaza de España, the Park, or Plaza de America.


Start your day in the beautiful neighborhood of Santa Ana in Triana. To get there from the center, head towards the river and cross along any of the bridges. I prefer to take the Puente de San Telmo and then walk along Calle Betis on the water for great views of old town. The street will loop around to the left when you get to the next bridge, and then head right down Calle San Jorge towards the ceramics area. Even if you aren’t looking to buy any, it’s a beautiful area to walk through. And if you are looking to buy ceramics, I’d highly recommend Ceramica Santa Ana. All of their ceramics are handmade and hand painted in Triana.

Head back towards Puente de Isabel II, stopping for a bit to walk through the Mercado de Triana. You can either grab a bite to eat in the market or just across the bridge in the Mercado Lonja del Barranco (the latter would be my reco). There’s a lot to choose from, and the views along the water make for the perfect lunchtime setting.

After lunch, walk along the Paseo de Colon (on the old town side of the river). You’ll soon pass the Plaza de Toros on your left, and further down (just before the first bridge you crossed in the AM) you’ll pass the Torre del Oro.

At the bridge, head left towards old town and make your way past Puerta Jerez, the beautiful Alfonso XIII hotel, and finally to the Real Alcazar. Spend your afternoon leisurely exploring the Real Alcazar de Sevilla. For more information on entrance fees and hours for the Real Alcazar, check here.

Start your day with a café con leche and pan con tomate in Plaza de la Encarnacion. There’s a cute little place called Cafe Algrano that makes a great breakfast for next to nothing, conveniently located right below the Metropol Parasol.

After breakfast, head to the entrance of the Metropol Parasol (known in Sevilla as “Las Setas” given its mushroom-like appearance). Make sure to purchase the “mirador” pass and head up to the top so you can take in beautiful views of the city (including the Giralda tower).
Recommended Time to Spend Here: 1 hour
Hours of Operation: Sunday-Thursday 10:00-23:00, Friday-Saturday 10:00-23:30
Cost: €3 (note: cash only)

After Las Setas, make your way back down Calle Larana (where Cafe Algrano is located), which turns into Calle Martin Villa. At the beautiful La Campana shop on the corner of Calle Sierpes, make a left and walk down Sierpes towards Plaza de San Francisco and the Ayuntamiento de Sevilla. No need to go inside, but there are some beautiful buildings along this Plaza, so definitely take some time to enjoy your surroundings. Just past the Plaza, you’ll find yourself back in front of the cathedral. Note that the cathedral closes for siesta mid-afternoon most days, so I’d head there first and then grab a late lunch afterwards in order to make the most of your day and not feel rushed.

Once in La Catedral, spend some time exploring the cathedral itself, and be sure to check out the Tomb of Christopher Columbus (I promise, it’s the real one!). Once you’ve seen the inside, head to the far corner of the cathedral (still inside) and begin your climb up La Giralda for the most breathtaking views of the city, including the Alcazar. For more information on opening times and entrance fees for the cathedral, visit here.

After La Giralda, I’d recommend grabbing lunch along Calle Mateos Gago. I know, it will look and feel touristy, but I can assure you the prices are perfectly normal, the tapas are amazing, and you’re right in the heart of the city.

During the afternoon, I’d recommend “getting lost” in the winding streets of Barrio Santa Cruz. From lunch on Mateos Gago, head to the right down Calle Rodrigo Caro towards Plaza de Doña Elvira. Then make your way through Las Moradas, down Calle Vida and Calle Agua towards Plaza Alfaro, pass by the Convento de San Jose del Carmen, walk down Calle Cruces, and reward yourself with some churros near Plaza de los Reginadores. Spend your final night in Sevilla at a Flamenco show. I’d recommend Casa de la Guitarra, Casa del Flamenco, or Casa de la Memoria.

**Looking for nightlife? if you’re in Sevilla over a weekend, check out the bars around Plaza del Salvador. There’s a beautiful church across the plaza and tons of bars with outdoor areas, making for a lively scene. Otherwise, I’d recommend heading over to Plaza de la Alfalfa no matter what the day! There are tons of bars in the area, both in the Plaza itself and on the neighboring streets (Cuesta del Rosario and Calle Perez). If you’re a mojito fan, La Rebotica Bar on Calle Perez used to make a mean (aka massive) €5 mojito.

If you have any questions about planning a trip to Sevilla, drop me a line – I’d love to help you make the most of your day!

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