what to see if you have 1 day, 3 days, or a week in sevilla.


I fell in love with Sevilla the day I moved there to study abroad. I spent five incredible months learning the ins and outs of the city, thanks to the help of three wonderful people – Pablo, Salud, and Maria (aka my second family). When it came time to leave, they made me promise I’d come back to visit them. And so every year, I venture back to Spain to spend time in this majestic city, with these incredible people.

I’m lucky that I have seemingly endless vacation time and can go back every year. But I get it. That’s not the case for everyone. For most of you, vacation time isn’t easy to come by, and sometimes you’re stretched so thin that you only have one day to experience a big city like Sevilla. Others of you will have more time, maybe even a full week to explore the streets of Santa Cruz and Triana.

Have just 1 day to discover this magical city? Check out my day trip reco here.

Have 3-4 days to spend in Sevilla? Check out this more comprehensive itinerary.

Have a week to get truly immersed in this Andalusian gem? Check out how I’d spend a leisurely week exploring (and eating my way through) Sevilla, plus a few day trip options if you’re feeling extra adventurous.

Let me know if you have questions as you plan your own trip to Sevilla. Always happy to help!

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